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Exploring Westminster Denver Colorado: Your Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

February 12, 2024

What is it like to call Westminster Denver Colorado home? Adjacent to Denver, Westminster offers a blend of quiet neighborhoods and dynamic city access. This article gives you a straightforward look at local living, from parks to schools and housing, preparing you for what to expect whether you’re considering relocating, working, or visiting.

Key Takeaways

  • Westminster offers the best of both worlds with its suburban appeal and close proximity to Denver, providing a relaxed lifestyle alongside city amenities.
  • The city prides itself on outdoor activities with spots like Standley Lake and Big Dry Creek Trail, plus a strong transport network that includes major highways and public transit options.
  • Westminster boasts a vibrant community with diverse attractions, educational institutions, and community events, and it’s looking forward to exciting future developments such as Center Park.

Discover Westminster: A Suburban Gem Near Denver

Straddling Adams County and Jefferson counties, Westminster’s prime location makes it a hotspot for those seeking proximity to Denver without compromising on a suburban lifestyle. It’s not just a city on the map; it’s a lifestyle choice, an experience that bridges the gap between city life and suburban tranquility.

City at a Glance

So, what does living in the city of Westminster entail? Let’s begin with the fact that Westminster is the 8th most populous city in Colorado, accommodating nearly 115,000 residents. With its unique blend of cultures and lifestyle choices, the population density in this city spanning across two counties – Adams and Jefferson – is worth considering.

The Great Outdoors

Much of Westminster’s allure stems from its appreciation for the great outdoors. The city boasts a myriad of parks and trails tailored for families and outdoor enthusiasts. Standley Lake Regional Park, for instance, is a centerpiece for outdoor recreation in Westminster, providing access to fishing, camping, and wildlife viewing.

Beyond Standley Lake, the Big Dry Creek Trail offers an expansive setting for more outdoor activities and natural exploration within the trail system.

Connectivity and Transportation in Westminster

A well-developed transportation network in Westminster exemplifies the city’s perfect blend of urban and suburban experiences. The city boasts major thoroughfares like:

  • Interstate 25
  • U.S. Highway 36
  • U.S. Highway 287
  • State Highway 95
  • State Highway 121
  • State Highway 128

These highways provide extensive connectivity to surrounding areas, including the eastern boundary.

The Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) operates extensive bus services in Westminster, connecting to Boulder and Denver, and local bus routes facilitating in-city and inter-city travels. Introduced in 2016, the B Line commuter rail by RTD links downtown Denver to Westminster Station, enhancing the public transport framework.

Westminster’s Attractions and Recreation

Beyond picturesque landscapes and connectivity, Westminster also serves as a hub for attractions and recreational activities. Take the Butterfly Pavilion, for instance, an engaging and educational attraction featuring a variety of butterflies and other invertebrates.

But that’s not all; Legacy Ridge Golf Course, designed by Arthur Hills, offers a championship experience with a Colorado-style Scottish links layout. The course is welcoming to golfers of all skill levels, featuring several golf courses like Legacy Ridge Golf, heritage golf, and Heritage Golf Course with:

  • Four tee boxes per hole
  • Wide fairways
  • Large greens that average over 6,000 square feet
  • Natural mountain views and rolling terrain as a backdrop

Living in Westminster: Neighborhoods and Housing

Residing in Westminster offers a unique experience, with roughly 30 neighborhoods that vary from suburban to somewhat rural settings. From the condo community of Pebble Brook North to mid-century modern homes in Apple Blossom Lane, Westminster offers a wide variety of housing options. The city’s homeownership rate stands at 64%, reflecting the city’s competitive housing market dynamics and average household size.

Education and Schools in Westminster

Westminster places a high emphasis on education, with schools’ performance spectrum ranging from the highly rated Woodrow Wilson Charter Academy to the Academy of Charter Schools. The city boasts a diverse range of educational institutions, including:

  • 16 preschools
  • 13 elementary schools
  • 11 middle schools
  • 2 high schools

Westminster Public Schools boasts a highly experienced teacher workforce, although proficiency levels indicate room for improvement.

Shopping and Dining Destinations

Apart from work and education, Westminster also shines as a prime spot for shopping and dining. Downtown Westminster, in particular, is recognized for its vibrant retail and restaurant scene. Sweet Bloom Coffee is one of Colorado’s crown jewels, having been recognized by Food & Wine Magazine as the state’s top coffee shop.

Community Events and Culture

Life in Westminster is greatly enriched by community events and cultural activities. From the Denver Ramen Festival to the Denver Pancakes & Booze Art Show, the city offers events that cater to a wide range of interests and demographics.

The city’s inclusive event scene is also exemplified through events like the Vegan BrewFest Denver, offering vegan delicacies paired with local craft beers.

Business and Employment in Westminster

The economy of Westminster is quite diversified, encompassing key sectors such as high-tech, medical, and energy fields. Major employers such as Ball Corporation, St. Anthony’s North Hospital, Maxar, and others contribute to a robust local economy, providing a wide range of job opportunities.

Westminster’s Development and Future Plans

With ongoing developments and renovations, the future of Westminster appears promising. One of the significant future projects is the construction of Downtown Westminster’s Center Park, set to begin in spring 2024. Located near the popular Orchard Town Center, the park will feature:

  • Open lawns
  • Event spaces
  • A spray pad
  • An off-leash dog area
  • And more

These additions will enhance community engagement.


In conclusion, Westminster offers a unique blend of suburban charm and urban accessibility, with a rich array of parks, trails, recreational areas, and a vibrant retail and restaurant scene. With a diverse economy, competitive housing market, and a promising future, it’s clear why many are choosing to call Westminster home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Westminster a good area in Denver?

Yes, Westminster is generally considered a good area in Denver, with the majority of residents believing in its quality of life, services, and financial stability. Residents enjoy a dense suburban feel, a variety of amenities like restaurants and parks, and a community atmosphere.

What is Westminster CO known for?

Westminster, CO is known for its growing community, with steady growth and development that has attracted diverse residents and businesses. This has made it a thriving and vibrant place to live.

Is Westminster a suburb of Denver?

Yeah, Westminster is a suburb of Denver, located in Adams and Jefferson counties. It’s a vibrant area with a dense suburban feel, and is home to a diverse range of local businesses and amenities.

What is the population of Westminster?

Westminster has a population of nearly 115,000 residents, making it the 8th most populous city in Colorado.

What are some of the outdoor recreational activities in Westminster?

Westminster offers a variety of outdoor recreational activities, such as visiting Standley Lake Regional Park and exploring the Big Dry Creek Trail. Enjoy your time outdoors!

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