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Fall Back In Love With Your Home: Home Remodeling

February 13, 2024


In today’s real estate market, many Denver homeowners are choosing to stay put due to fluctuating interest rates and other factors. This decision has sparked a growing interest in home renovations and improvements. In our “Fall Back in Love with Your Home” series, we’ve teamed up with Russ Williams from RAW Renovation to explore ways homeowners can rejuvenate their living spaces. From DIY projects to major renovations, this series aims to guide you in making your home a place you love once again.

Why Consider Home Renovations?

The journey into home renovations can be both exciting and daunting. Russ Williams, who entered the single-family real estate arena during the 2007-08 crash, emphasizes the need for high-quality work at a fair price. With a passion for design, RAW Renovation tackles everything from minor updates to full-scale renovations, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and care.

DIY vs. Professional Renovation

When contemplating DIY projects, Russ advises homeowners to steer clear of electrical, plumbing, and structural changes unless they possess the requisite skills. For those uncertain about a project’s scope, consulting with a professional can prevent costly mistakes. Denver County, for instance, has stringent permit requirements, highlighting the importance of understanding local regulations before embarking on any renovation work.

A shift in kitchen design trends is underway, with a move away from white or gray palettes to darker, natural wood cabinets or bold colors. This resurgence of natural elements extends to bathroom and living space designs, incorporating larger tiles and wood accents to create a more cohesive and inviting home environment.

Selecting the Right Team for Your Renovation

Choosing the right contractor or specialist is crucial. Russ recommends verifying references and checking Google ratings to gauge a company’s reliability and quality of work. Collaboration with designers can also enhance the outcome, translating your vision into a tangible reality.

Investment-Worthy Projects

For homeowners planning to sell in the near future, kitchens and bathrooms remain the most lucrative areas for renovation. Updating these spaces can significantly increase a home’s value, especially in older neighborhoods like Cory-Merrill and Bonnie Brae. Moreover, adapting living spaces to meet current needs, such as adding home offices, can make a property more attractive to potential buyers.


Renovating your home can be a rewarding investment, whether you’re planning to sell or simply want to enjoy your space more fully. By understanding the balance between DIY projects and when to hire professionals, staying informed about current trends, and focusing on high-return investments, you can effectively increase your home’s value and appeal.

For further assistance with your home renovation project in Denver, don’t hesitate to reach out to RAW Renovation at or call 303-720-6693. Stay tuned for more insights in our “Fall Back in Love with Your Home” series.

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