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What If I Can’t Afford My Dream Home in Denver?

July 9, 2019

Whether you’ve been looking at potential houses for months or you have only recently started your home search, it can be a bit frustrating if your dream home doesn’t appear to exist. If you find yourself dealing with a housing market that does not quite fit your expectations, there are several things you can do to find a great home, one that you will likely grow to love.

Decide What’s Most Important

When buying a home, you often have to compromise. This is especially true for first-time homebuyers or those who have a pretty extensive wish list. Instead of focusing on having your dream home right now, decide what’s most important. You may want to make three lists.


The first would be the items in a home that are non-negotiable. This might include a home with at least two bathrooms or a home that has a large kitchen. If you have school-aged children, you may want a home where your kids will be able to go to a specific school. If your grandchildren often come to visit, close proximity to a park might be non-negotiable. For people who have a dog, a large backyard might be on their list of non-negotiable items.

Really Want

Your second list would include items that you really want in a home. These are things that you would be willing to give up if you could find all the items on your non-negotiable list. When looking for a home, you likely want to find a home that has at least some of the items on your “really want” list or at least a home where some of your “really want” items can easily be added.

Reach Items

Unless you have an unlimited home budget, there are likely items on your dream home list that are a bit of a reach. These items should go on your third list. While it would be great to find a home with any of these items, realize that these items are a stretch. You should see it as a bonus if you find a home that fits your needs and also includes anything on your “reach” list.

See the Potential

When looking at homes, it is important to see the home’s potential, especially if you or someone you know well has great do-it-yourself skills. Rather than deciding that a home is not right for you right away, look for how you can make it into your dream home. Walls can be repainted. Wallpaper can be torn down. Flooring can be changed. Even kitchen cabinets and appliances can be replaced.

If you have more advanced do-it-yourself skills or you know someone with great do-it-yourself skills, you may even be able to tackle projects such as taking down a wall and making two smaller bedrooms into one bigger bedroom or doing a full bathroom renovation. Being able to see the potential in a home that’s not quite at its best is an important skill for any homebuyer. It is often worth investing a little extra money to help the home to look its best. This is especially true if you can find a great home that’s not quite what you want but that’s significantly below your budget.

Reevaluate Your Budget

If you are not finding the right home based on your current budget, it might be time to reevaluate your budget. Of course, if you are already looking at homes that are a stretch for you to afford, this might not work, but if you can comfortably raise your current budget, it might be worth looking at homes in a slightly higher price range. Another option is to look at fixer-uppers that are quite a bit below your budget and make the needed upgrades and changes to the home.

Wait It Out

Unless you need to buy a home right away, it might be worth it to wait it out. Even just waiting a few months may make a huge difference in your home search. If there is not a time limit on when you have to buy a house, take a break for a month or two from actively searching. You can still casually look at homes during this waiting period, but don’t pressure yourself into attending a certain number of open houses or finding your dream home by a specific date.

Learn More About Finding Your Dream Home

If you are looking for a great Denver home, contact us, or stop by our website. You might just find your dream house among our listings. 

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