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5 Ways to Turn an Attic Into an Asset

September 17, 2019

When you’re planning to sell a home, one of your greatest tricks is to turn mundane aspects of the home into beautiful assets that future buyers will fall in love with.

Homes with spacious attics, for example, can be transformed into homes with an additional bedroom or activity room. These can drastically increase the actual value of the property when you sell the home. Let’s dive into the details of what it takes to turn an old attic into a real selling asset. 

Human-Habitable Attic Upgrades

The most important thing to remember when renovating an attic is livability. No matter how spacious, elegant, or full of potential an attic may be, it first needs three essential elements taken care of.


An attic must be insulated with the same quality of insulation as the rest of the house. The insulation needs to be hidden behind walls and ceilings, though you may find some ways to maintain the original wood roof ceiling if it is a beautiful selling point. Be sure that the attic will maintain a reasonable amount of temperature efficiency and habitable safety.


If you are renovating an attic that was not a living space before, you will likely need to extend the ductwork and make sure the attic is getting sufficient airflow to keep the quality of air and regulated temperature within a healthy range.

Reinforced Floor

Attic floors are often under-reinforced, and even storing heavy furniture in an attic can be dangerous if it has not been properly prepared. Be sure to reinforce and finish the attic floor so that it is up to residential standards. 

Four High-Value Attic Renovation Ideas

1) Loft Bedrooms for Teens

Not everyone will fall in love with the idea of climbing a ladder or narrow attic stairs to sleep in an attic loft, but teens and many young adults will find the idea romantic beyond compare. For a family home, renovating the attic into a loft bedroom is a fantastic idea. Children and teens, in particular, may adore the idea of being on top of the house and having a room that is essentially an adult-free clubhouse of slanted roofs and creatively placed furniture. Be sure to stage this space after renovation to show how cozy and cool it can be as a bedroom. You might even run some plumbing up for a mini bathroom.

2) Attic Playroom with Safety Stairs

If there are safe and sturdy stairs up to the attic, it is eligible to be renovated into a playroom instead. Young children may adore being able to look out sealed windows to find themselves high above the adult world, and parents may appreciate a fully-contained room just for the kids to play in. Renovated attics are often airy and cozy at the same time, and can make wonderful playrooms. Especially if you install a safety gate at the top of the stairs to ease parental worries and ensure child safety.

3) Optimized Attic Storage Room

Attics are classically used for storage, but they are also usually dusty, underventilated, and with unstable floors. You can drastically increase the storage potential of an attic simply by improving the floor, ventilation, and dust level. Just a touch of renovation goes a long way for storage space. If you decide to go the distance, consider installing a few built-in shelves and storage bins to make attic storage even easier and more enjoyable for your future buyers.

4) Sunny Attic Art Studio

Your next buyer might also be looking for a house with a room for arts or crafts. A craft room is usually the sunniest and/or most oddly shaped room in the house. A lovely, inspirational room that would also not make a great bedroom for one reason or another. A roomy attic is perfect for renovation into an art studio for a future artistic buyer. Especially if there are already sunny historical windows that will serve as a source of inspiration for any artists who choose to work their craft in your renovated attic.

Learn More About Turning an Attic Into an Asset

Attics are an interesting asset in any home, especially when you’ve got a creative eye for potential. If you decide to renovate an attic, try one of these ideas or let your imagination be your guide on what will turn that attic into an asset. For more home selling insights or assistance turning your home features into selling assets, contact us today!

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